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2013 Bills of Interest Signed by the Governor:
Courtesy of the San Diego Reentry Roundtable

Affecting Jail Inmates:

  • AB 720 (Skinner): Allows Medi-Cal to be suspended, not terminated, for individuals in jails; authorizes health insurance enrollment in jails.

Affecting Prison Inmates:

  • SB 260 (Hancock): Enables prisoners serving sentences for a crime committed as a minor to have their sentence reviewed after serving ten years (does not apply to sentences of life imprisonment w/out parole).
  • AB 625 (Quirk): Allows notaries to accept CDCR ID cards, if the inmate is in custody in prison.

Affecting Sentencing:

  • SB 513 (Hancock): Authorizes an individual, who has successfully completed a drug diversion program, to ask a court to order the sealing of court and arrest records.

Affecting Populations under Supervision in the Community:

  • AB 986 (Bradford): Authorizes flash incarceration in city jails for the post-release community supervision (PRCS) population

Affecting Future Criminal Justice Legislation:

  • SB 105 (Steinberg): The administration shall begin immediately… to assess the state prison system … and to develop recommendations on balanced solutions that are cost effective and protect public safety…. [N]ot later than January 10, 2015, the Department of Finance shall submit the administration’s final report to the Legislature. It is the intent of the Legislature to consider the reports along with the Legislature’s independent findings during the annual budget process.

Vetoed by Governor:

  • SB 649 (Leno): Would have given prosecutors the option to charge drug possession for personal use as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Veto message here, which references SB 105.
  • AB 994 (Lowenthal): Would have established misdemeanor diversion. Veto message here.


FMHAC policy Statements

ACCEPTED: Supreme Court Amicus Curiae Brief in the Coleman/Plata litigation
Complete Amicus Brief
Supreme Court Opinion
Judges Panel Opinion

Assembly Bill 2357: Assisted Outpatient Mental Health Treatment
FMHAC Letter of Support
Assembly Bill 2357 Information

Passed Senate (30-4); August 21, 2006
Passed Assembly (65-5); May 18, 2006

Assembly Bill 632: The Establishment of the California Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB)
FMHAC Letter of Support
Assembly Bill 632 Information

Passed Senate; September 8, 2005
Passed Assembly; September 8, 2005

Proposition 63: Mental Health Services Act; Voluntary vs. Involuntary Treatment
FMHAC Letter of Recommendation
MHSA Updates


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